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Get fully furnished apartment at the best rates in town and enjoy life


Come let us treat to the taste of Tanzanian atmosphere in the most beautiful, fanciful and pocket friendly 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels

Etsav  Car Rental, is a member of Etsav Group Company Ltd. We not only pride ourselves on being a leading car rental company offering premium-quality cars and a highly efficient service, but we are also a company that can meet your every need, taking you anywhere that you might want to go.

When on the road, Etsav Car Rental can be your most trusted companion. The company is offers you with  advice and tips regarding vehicles and motoring that will help your company to grow successfully.

So, if you are looking for a traveling companion that can meet your every need there, look nomore; Etsav Car Rental that is by your side wherever you are on the rough roads through life.

Historical Background

Etsav Group Company Ltd, first established its car rental business back in October 2014 with the challenging aim the number one car rental angency in the United Republic of Tanzania. With the help of Africarriers Group and Spring City Enterprises Garage Ltd, the Etsav Car Rental quickly built up a reputation for high quality, world-class services and is now highly regarded by customers nationwide.

“Etsav Car Rental has now  achieved its goal of becoming a leader in both the long and short term car rental.”


To develope a premier one-stop car rental service boasting international standards.

Etsav Car Rental is a friend who will be there just when you need it.

Our services

Friendly, Affordable and Satisfying car rental

First, efficient and reliable air ticketing

Homely, Calmly and comfortable apartments

Our Skills & Expertise

We have developed a wider and deeper experience within a short period of time on how to joyfully handle clients.  We have worked and are working with a wide range of clients; long term corporate clients as well as short term individual or corporate clients all who have different needs which have ably met and are meeting accordingly. We have no grounds of pride but you are the source of our success story because, the challenge you pause is just the huddle we need to go the next level.

Etsav Group is largely blessed with a professional team of drivers, real estate managers and air ticket agents who are well positioned to give you the best of services you have dreamed to have. Clients are handled with greatest respect and honor, honesty and integrity to make sure you are fully satisfied and and pleased after the transaction.

It is always our utter most pleasure to serve you and meet your needs because we know without you we would not be where we are today.

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